WCI Book CoverDawn of the Dread Champions
by Judy Sullivan

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“I encourage you to read this!”

“The subject of intercession as a service to business and professionals engaged in answering the call on their lives is new and exciting territory. It is an enormous “ah-ha!” to realize that prayer is not just needed for evangelists and church planters, but for every active agent engaged in the business of ascending and occupying the seven mighty summits that shape the culture of nations. Judy is someone to listen to! As one of the leaders in intercession under Rick Joyner’s ministry, she holds unique credentials to write on the subject of World-Class Intercessors. I encourage you to read this!”

Lance Wallnau
The Lance Learning Group

JudySullivansozoFrom the Author

Judy SullivanYears ago, when women’s coffees and prayer clubs were popular, true intercessors were rare. I am thankful that prayer and intercession have more relevance today, and Christian leaders on all the mountains of influence are beginning to understand the significance of their role. But even more important is the impact that can be felt when true intercession takes place that can safeguard a city, and change the course of history in a nation.

Who are the World Class Intercessors?

I do not think the world has seen the likes of these dread champions yet. They are the ones called to prepare the way for the Lord’s return, the violent ones spoken of in Matthew 11:12 who are being raised up to take the kingdom by force. The Lord is calling His champions to the front lines of the battle to prepare the way for His return.

The Lord gave me a word concerning this new breed of intercessor that you will read about in my book. We are living in serious times. The world has need of fearless intercessors who will stand in the gap and declare the words the Lord is releasing in these dark days. It is a noble call, and if you are an intercessor I pray you will hear and respond.

Standing in the gap,
Judy Sullivan

JeffAhernJeff Ahern”In World-Class Intercessors, Judy provides insight into spiritual warfare and effective prayers, not through a boring theological tutorial on the subject, but through a humorous, biographical story of the journey of her life. She will show you how to achieve the various levels of authority available in prayer through the victories and defeats of her own life and family. If you are called to be an intercessor, you’ll find World-Class Intercessors an indispensable guide and an enjoyable read.”

Jeff Ahern
President, Sozo Services