2020 will go down in history as the year of the worldwide pandemic that shut down nations, crashed economies, and changed the way we live. We have been told to stay home if sick, not to gather in groups of more than ten, and to keep at least 6 feet apart. Entire states have implemented much stronger restrictions ordering residents to shelter in place unless they are shopping for groceries or going to their healthcare provider. Non-essential businesses have closed their doors, and unemployment is skyrocketing while the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continues to climb.

If this is all we can see and hear, then all the news is bad, but in the last few weeks, I’ve had several words from the Lord that are good and encouraging that I’d like to share. After a recent dream, I heard the Lord say, “Things are turning around and lining up for a beautiful year.” In the dream, I saw a passenger jet with a radar on top. Both the jet and the radar were white and turning around. Today radars on planes are typically used to track the weather. In my dream, this radar could see into the near future where the sky was clear, and the sun was shining, and everything looked beautiful.

I’ve had words and visions from the Lord about the stock market and economy fully recovering. One day I woke from a vision of a dolphin leaping out of the sea clicking, squeaking, and laughing as only a dolphin can do. I asked the Lord what this meant and realized the dolphin was a picture of sheer joy, laughter, and delight. The Lord wants us to be full of joy. Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. From God’s perspective, even though things look grim, His Son is always shining. We can laugh in the face of fear and be grateful for the time we have been given to draw near to the Lord. We may even have time to clean out a closet, write a book, and be with our families.

In our role as business intercessors and ministers in the marketplace, we are close to business owners who could easily be discouraged and frightened right now. But we see just the opposite. They are experiencing the Lord’s protective covering, provision, and favor over their businesses, employees, and families. Even though some are not at the level they would like to be, their needs are being met. Some of our clients are discovering surprise markets opening up where new products are in demand. Others are learning new ways to conduct business online, at home, and by phone. Some wisely put aside several months in savings for a “rainy day,” and now they can weather this storm and help their family and friends. One client said, “I have a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator, gas in my car, and a phone to stay in touch with my family and friends. I’m okay!”  

Here’s the protocol for safeguarding her family and employee’s health that Dr. Grace shared with us, “Get a good night’s sleep, be happy and joyful, stay calm. It’s mandatory for a strong immune system. Without being joyful, you can’t see the Lord’s blessing.” Her family drinks green smoothies every morning, eats less, and eats clean.

Sher prayed a powerful prayer for our nation,  the economy, and for us on our call yesterday. I asked her to write it down so that I could share it with you:

“We lay hands on our economy, Lord, bless its total recovery, continued prosperity, and the foundational structure upon which it rests. Forgive me for declaring inadequacy over our government, the officials handling this crisis, and the political divide. We lay our hands on them now, Lord, and declare new levels of unity and oneness of purpose. We declare our government whole, designed by You, resting firmly on its Biblical foundations, one nation under God. We lay hands on Sozo Services, and thank you for the new levels of intercessor intersections that are springing up worldwide, designed to connect one to another for such a time as this, and for the shift we will see with our own eyes directly due to the prayers that are being ushered up and the results that are being ushered in! Amen and amen!” 

Fear not, dear friends! God is leading us through this storm, and we will soon arrive safely on the other side, where the sun is shining, and everything is lining up for a beautiful year. Standing with you and for you ~ Judy Sullivan