2-Day CEO Needs Assessment:

Needs-AssessmentPrior to engaging a new client, Sozo Services recommends a 2-Day CEO Needs Assessment to determine your personal and corporate history and overall well-being. We ask questions geared to uncover the true purpose of your business and to discover if anything is keeping you from fulfilling that purpose. Are bills paid on time, are your employees and clients treated fairly, is honesty in business affairs a priority and are your finances in order. We also look at personal setbacks such as overwhelming family issues that are distracting you from business responsibilities. Then most importantly we will look at your company from a spiritual perspective to see if honoring and serving the Lord in your business is a top priority. Like a mechanic, we run a diagnostic to see what’s working and what isn’t. Do you need a simple tune-up or a massive overhaul? We look for key indicators to determine the overall health of your company and we take your spiritual temperature to see if your faith-walk needs a boost.

The first day of this CEO Needs Assessment will be performed at your company’s site by two of our executive coaches who understand the mechanics of successful business operations in a healthy Christian business environment. We are experts at helping CEOs identify the obstacles that are keeping you from your peak performance and showing you how to establish biblical values in a business environment. Whenever possible, we like to meet with the owners, CEOs, and the executive and leadership teams to ask questions to help us understand the issues and challenges that you have been facing in your business and personal lives and where you are in your relationship with the Lord.

During the onsite meeting, we will be asking many questions in support of this assessment. We will also pray with as many of your team members as possible (since this is something that we love to do). This onsite assessment is not a test and is designed to be fun and enlightening!

After the onsite portion of the assessment, our coaches will return to our facilities to pray over and evaluate their findings. We will then prepare a road map for the next steps to take to remove the obstacles hindering your success and establish new patterns based upon biblical principles that will not only open doors to supernatural favor with God and man, but more importantly bring a closer level of intimacy with the Lord and alignment of your life and company with biblical principles. This needs assessment road map will include a summary of your position and the next steps that you should be making to move in that direction. We will include a proposal for how Sozo Services can support you in this business transformation process. We will also identify ministry and support services that might be obtained from other organizations to best achieve the results that you are looking for.

Please contact us to schedule your Needs Assessment today.  We look forward to serving you!

Client Testimony


I truly believe that in order for business owners to operate effectively for such a time as this, cutting edge business intercessors are not only recommended, they’re essential.

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