We are living in explosive, turbulent times. While many people are peacefully protesting the unjust killing of George Floyd, riots have erupted across our nation. It’s not just hurting people, exercising their constitutional right to protest this injustice and demand change. Radical left-wing groups and professional agitators, trying to provoke a revolt, are motivated by a very different agenda. Add these events to a worldwide pandemic, and a very hostile political battlefield, and you have the ingredients for a perfect storm, (a rare combination of events that creates an unusually dangerous situation).

We are starting to come out of our homes again as the pandemic loses its stronghold. As real as this lockdown has been, God is also calling us out of our comfort zones. These boundaries are much thicker than the walls in our houses and the masks we are required to wear. These are the boundaries that hold us back in fear, divide us from each other, and keep us from entering into our full purposes and calling in this new era. 

So, what should our response be as Kingdom people engaged in the Lord’s business in the marketplace? I find that the Lord will give us answers and instructions if we listen.

I’ve been keeping a journal for many years, where I make a note of the things the Lord shares with me. Recently I had a short dream that reminded me of something the Lord told me years ago. My dream from a few days ago and the prophetic word from 2014 seemed to belong together, even though they came six years apart. I believe they can show us the way forward in these difficult times.

Get Out of Your Box!

6.2.20 – I had a strange dream this morning. A deer had gotten into my home. It was a buck, with large beautiful antlers, and he was knocking things over and scaring everyone in the house. Eventually, I was able to direct him to the back door and out of the house. Once he was outside, I saw him standing at the top of a hill. I could see his beautiful antlers and his strong physique, and I knew he was where he belonged.

A deer is graceful and sure-footed. It can leap over mountains and won’t stumble in rocky places. It is a thing of beauty to watch. Deer aren’t made for small spaces where their every move could result in something breaking. In the house, the deer was destructive, out of his element. He was meant to be outside, where he could run free and rule the forest. In Scripture, horns represent leadership, power, and authority.

I believe this is a picture of many in the Body of Christ right now. We are not meant to be in small spaces – and I’m not just talking about the shelter in place orders due to Covid-19. God is calling us out of our boxes and into our true calling. Creative ideas are flowing; new strategies are replacing the old way of doing things. There is greater freedom to minister to the hurting, disillusioned masses and exercise great authority in prayer. It is time to get outside of our comfort zones, turn our backs on fear and run with the Lord to the people and places he is sending us. 

The Lord spoke to me about these turbulent times we are living in almost six years ago:

10.11.14I’m moving in ways you’ve never seen before. Don’t rely on your past experiences with Me, or you will be left high and dry. I am doing something so new that the skeptics will be blown away, and the ne’er-do-wells (do-nothings) will be shocked. It’s not the time to be complacent, get off the fence, and run with Me.

There are those who would hold you back and try to fit you in their boxes, but I did not call you to be confined to someone’s box. I called you to be free, to run like the wind. Break the chains and yokes that come from the expectations of the world. They are carnal and will keep you from engaging in the race that is before you. 

I have given you the grace to wait in this brief pause before the downbeat that will announce the start of the symphony of the ages. It is time to let go, my love, and step into My current. Let go and jump in now. It will take you to the places you have only dreamed about. Hold on to My Love; it is enough. It will keep you through the storm. It will keep you through the darkness (dark age). Don’t look back. 

There is a way forward in today’s uncertain world. The enemy has been trying to keep us isolated and fearful, but God is revealing secrets and downloading strategies to those who will listen and follow Him. He is rewriting destinies, commissioning, and positioning his children for a new era. It’s time to step out of our boxes and run with Him! Hebrews 12:1-2,”Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”