“Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.” (Psalm 1:1 NIV)

I typically get up early, anywhere from 3 to 6 AM and grab a cup of coffee to wake myself up. Then I find my favorite corner of the sofa, flip through YouTube channels to locate the perfect worship music, snuggle up with a blanket and my Bible and spend the morning talking to the Lord. On this morning, the word “sardonic” was coming up in my spirit. That was a new word to me, so I asked the Lord what it meant. Then I heard, “sardonic laughter”. He went on to say, “There is sardonic laughter coming from the demonic realm, and it is spilling over into the earth realm.” 

I googled the word “sardonic” and learned that it means: bitter, scornful, mocking, or a person exhibiting bitterness, scorn or mockery. I wondered if the Lord was referring to the mockery and accusations being broadcast across our nation through news outlets, social media, and every other form of communication. While this is true and evidence of demonic mockery spilling into the earth, I realized the Lord was speaking to me about more than just fake news. I felt Him revealing something to many of the people we minister to in the marketplace.

New Advancements and Achievements

The Lord continued to speak to my spirit concerning the voices that divert us from our callings, “Do not be dismayed or controlled by their mockery. This is meant to keep you from your assigned tasks. I am with you to do things differently than the world, and it will attract scorn. Stay true to your calling, and you will be able to reach more people and set them free from the demonic laughter that has held them captive.”

“I am already launching many into the great advancements they are marked for, but they will only go as far as they are willing to disengage from their need for approval or acceptance coming from the world and some churches. You are blazing a trail that will lead people to great advancements, new inventions, and achievements that I am releasing into the world now. These are mantles that must be picked up and worn without fear or shame. The enemy will try to put both fear and shame on my people by mocking and tormenting them. Do not listen or bow to the accusations.”

The Lord Rescues 

I have had the privilege of praying for businesses that are going through incredibly challenging times. One of our clients hired a manager to oversee the business side of her practice so she could concentrate on her patients. But the manager turned out to be dishonest, and he schemed and diverted money into his own pockets. Our client was aware that something wasn’t right at the office and she asked us to pray. We prayed that the Lord would reveal hidden things, and we watched in amazement as He exposed the depth of the corruption. She fired the dishonest manager, and lawyers stepped in to deal with the mess he left behind. A Goliath sized legal battle ensued and her license to practice medicine was revoked and criminal charges were filed. The court of public opinion jumped in treating her as guilty before being tried. Mockery spewed out like venom, but we interceded and believed that the Lord would protect and deliver her, and He did! She was acquitted of one charge and the remaining criminal charges were dropped. She refused to give up in the face of the lies and accusations by state agencies whose legal teams would have struck fear in almost anyone, and the Lord rescued her. 

Mocking spirits distort and distract people from their God-given purpose in life through lies and bitter accusations. Our client believed the Lord called her to do something extraordinary.  We went to battle in prayer while she stood her ground. Now the Lord is restoring her business and her dream to help underprivileged children receive the care they need. 

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him, I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.”(Psalm 91:14-15 NIV)
Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, silence the accuser and deliver your sons and daughters from the mocking words and accusations coming from the enemy’s camp. Make them brave and courageous to not back down, give up or bow to the enemy’s tactics. Surround them with wise counsel, praying saints and true friends to walk with them through this valley. Deliver them from attacks on their business, family, and personal lives. Defend them from the false accusations and lies aimed at throwing them off course. Protect their minds from fear and distorted thinking. Remind them that when the righteous cry out, you hear them and deliver them from all their troubles. (Psalm 34:17)
In the mighty name of Jesus, we declare that they are surrounded by a hedge of protection, safe and off the enemy’s radar. We place a demand on everyplace where the enemy’s destructive force has left its mark to now become the bedding soil for double favor and blessing to be multiplied back to them. We pray that they receive all the benefits, favor, grace and honor and every good thing that has been stored up for them to advance their cause. We call the north, south, east and west to give up every resource necessary for them to prosper and succeed in their God-given destiny. In the all-powerful name of Jesus our Lord, AMEN!