SOZO Testimonials

First State Manufacturing


“When our company began working with SOZO Services in the fall of 2008, we could truly relate to the ‘crushed on every side’ referenced in 2 Corinthians 4:8. Debilitating issues abounded, ranging from cash flow bottlenecks to owners struck by illness. Non-stop distractions constantly kept us from being able to effectively deal with what we needed to do to keep our doors open. ‘Rogue’ employees actively worked to cause us harm, and baseless accusations forced time consuming responses to satisfy bureaucratic requirements. No matter how hard we worked, it never seemed to be enough. Finally – and not a moment too soon – it became evident we needed something more.

“When we googled ‘business intercessors’ and fell on SOZO, we knew immediately we had the same principles, priorities and business operating philosophy. But we wrestled with the idea of enlisting their services because, after all, we already had cash flow issues. We also reasoned that we were already praying people, so perhaps we just needed to ‘pray more.’ Ultimately, we dove in and decided to give it a test run to see what would happen if we joined forces. We began sending our identified areas of need, followed by a weekly prayer call.

“Were I to ‘timeline’ the power of our partnership, it would quickly become evident. It wasn’t like our business experienced a sudden launch…the truth is at that time we might have been too weak to hang on if it had! But what became apparent was that our business began to ‘hum.’ Personnel issues settled, the right people took their post, production and sales pipelines opened, favor was found, and we ended up having a record-setting year in a multitude of ways. Simply put, when we became ‘grafted in’ with SOZO, our issues became their issues, our breakthroughs became their breakthroughs, and the forces of hell could not prevail.

“I truly believe that in order for business owners to operate effectively ‘for such a time as this,’ cutting edge business intercessors are not only recommended, they’re essential. First State Manufacturing is living proof of the “before” and “after”.

“Business owners are already risking it all. To truly minimize their risks AND maximize their resources in the marketplace, seeking qualified intercessors like SOZO should be considered true ‘operating capital'”.


Sher Valenzuela

Vice President, First State Manufacturing Inc.

Total Document Solutions


Judy and Jeff, my daughter forwarded me an email exchange we had back on Oct 9th, 2012. This is when we were going to get LESS than $6k in for the month from our Xerox Agency sales. I believe that this is when Tina and I really started looking for GOD’s solutions. WE KNOW that it was focused prayer from SOZO. We contracted with you on Oct 15th 2012!!! Now with SOZO and that I am in a men’s group every Thursday night going through a thing they call the Journey, EVERYTHING is moving and changing for the better…AS I AM MAKING MY ENTIRE LIFE TO JUST ABIDE IN GOD via CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT. EVERYTHING…literally is changing.

I now know how HARD it is to make it without the Lord’s blessing. Yesterday, the final numbers came in for 2012 and TDS did, in fact as predicted, hit 107% of annual plan. This also tripped ALL the compensation buckets at the highest levels for the entire year of 2012. These funds will allow me to hit the “reset button” and lower my debt.

I am looking to change and move in ways that I never dreamed. It all started with focused prayer and me finally giving up MY agenda, an agenda of denial and thinking that sales success was ALL that mattered. Basically, the phrase: “If money can solve the problem is it REALLY a problem?” Meaning for me that making more, borrowing more or creating more money was NOT going to solve my real problem. It was only disguising the problem. It was only BLINDING me from the problem, this problem: Tim was not in relationship with Christ…I was not ABIDING in Him and still expecting I could earn the fruits. I had it backwards!!

Thank you for your patience and prayer. We are looking forward to meeting with you here soon. I have SO MUCH MORE going on now that is correct and toward an eternal goal.

Just thought you needed to know what a blessing your ministry is doing in our lives. Things are still painful sometimes as we grow but I just know as I am going through these painful things that the past TDS is not the future TDS. The insanity of sins blinding spiral is being stopped.

Tim Stanley

President / Problem Solver, TDS - IT Managed Services & Xerox Platinum Sales Agency/Service

Project Masters


“I believe the services Sozo Services provide are a key factor to Project Masters progress and success in managing my company.  Going the extra mile, for Sozo Services is the rule, not the exception. ”


April O'Koren-Wennerberg

President, Project Masters

Conduit Financial Partners, Inc


I discovered Sozo in the fall of 2008 when everything in our economy had been shaken. My partnership and prayer time with Sozo helped me rediscover my kingdom purpose in business and to be able to walk in the peace and confidence that can only come from my relationship with the Lord. The season I partnered with Sozo was truly rewarding and will benefit me and my business ventures for years to come. I strongly recommend Sozo Services for any business owner that truly desires to walk out their kingdom purpose.”


David Koran

Conduit Financial Partners, Inc