About SOZO Services

Jeff Ahern

Jeff Ahern

President Co-founder

Jeff Ahern is co-founder of Sozo Services, Inc., an executive coaching firm that helps business leaders succeed and achieve their personal and corporate vision and goals by using Biblical, Spirit-led solutions. Jeff and his team come alongside Christian CEOs and business leaders and serve in a role that can best be described as a combination of business intercessor, prophetic voice, and business advisor. The company helps business owners to fulfill their God-given vision and assignment as marketplace ministry leaders through services that include intercessory prayer, strategic planning, mentoring, employee counseling, spiritual deliverance ministry, and business networking.

A born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, Jeff has been walking with the Lord since 1985 and has been involved in providing management consulting and professional services to Fortune 500 and Government clients for over twenty years. He is a former Naval Officer, and has been involved as an owner and leader of several technology services businesses and is certified as a PMI Project Management Professional. Jeff has served as both a Trustee and Board member for several non-profit and for-profit organizations.

“Jeff Ahern is a man of wisdom. His leadership skills and wisdom go beyond the ordinary to bring a seasoned approach to bear on the senior decision-making process. His special anointing and insight for identifying and unraveling deep-seated, entangled issues attest to his unique ability to assess and navigate change. His quiet-spoken competence and strength enables his planning, coaching and strategy development talents to become a natural and integral part of team efforts that yield results.” Morris Ruddick, Global Initiatives Foundation.

Judy Sullivan

Judy Sullivan

Vice President

For over 30 years Judy has trained intercessors and led prayer efforts across the United States. Her continuing focus is to raise up and equip prayer teams to shift the culture of the nation and make a way for the end time harvest. She co-founded a ministry in the early 80’s and taught principles of spiritual warfare and pioneered prayer walking efforts. She and her late husband organized and led community-wide concerts of prayer, youth prayer breakfasts and early morning prayer watches which resulted in dramatic changes in their city and many people turning their hearts to the Lord.

While living in Washington, Judy founded The Prayer Embassy, and helped lead many prayer efforts in the DC area. She worked with a team of intercessors providing onsite coverage for senators and congressmen, assisting visiting prayer teams, leading watch nights, and keeping vigil around the White House and Capitol.

When introduced to Sozo Services and the joys of marketplace ministry, Judy found a new passion in praying for business leaders. In her role as a business intercessor she has counseled and prayed with a wide-variety of businesses including building contractors, electrical engineers, IT companies, manufacturers, political candidates and much more.

She is a gifted seer and moves comfortably in the prophetic gifts. She also has a depth of knowledge in all facets of prayer and intercession. This has enabled her to offer wise counsel from her years of experience with marketplace leaders and prophetic intercession that can break strongholds, uncover solutions to complex problems, avoid crises, and recover true purpose and identity.

Judy believes that God is sending His Josephs into the marketplace to interpret dreams and help companies prosper in the middle of this economic drought. In her role as Vice President for Sozo Services Judy helps keep the testimony of Jesus alive in the world of commerce and politics.